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Cover of New York Law Journal December 27, 1999"The King of Queens"

We have a simple philosophy for our per diem coverage services.  We cover one County only, and we cover the cases as if they were our own.  We have the right attorneys in the right places at the right times, prepared to do the job right.  We do not overbook, and while we can and do handle volume, we never sacrifice quality. There are several things that make this possible.  All our attorneys (Barry himself and his carefully selected associates) are experienced in the types of cases we cover and are experienced doing per-diem work in Queens.  We review assignments when they come in, and if we do not have enough information to cover the matter well, we call and get it.  If we have a result with a short adjournment, or some special directive from the Court, we call or email you the same day.  In any event, we promptly report all results, primarily via email.  We also know that attorneys do not want to "call around" for coverage.  If a matter is in Queens and is something we cover, we are going to say YES, and we are going to cover it right, at a competitive rate. Here is an article I published on LinkedIn about per-diem work.


We welcome comparison with ANY other per diem service, by ANY measure of comparison.  Unlike most other per-diem services, we have a full time calendar clerk in the office.  This enables us to efficiently intake assignments, report results, and address emergencies in real time.  In the past ten years, over 1000 firms have used our services in Queens County on over 30,000 appearances.  Whether you are a past or existing client, or a new client, we welcome any questions or comments about any aspect of our services.  If you have never worked with us, please feel free to call and discuss any aspect of your requirements for Queens Court Appearances.


Please review our fee schedule, along with useful information about the various Court parts we cover.   

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