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Frequently Asked Questions



Are appearances in Supreme being held in Person or Virtual?


               Only part right now with a calendar call with appearances being held in person as the moment is in the Trial Scheduling Part.


               Other parts that may have an in-person appearance is the Med Mal Part but this is on a case by case basis.  There is no actual calendar call at the moment. 


               All other matters are being held on submission and/or if a matter is scheduled for a conference then it is specifically for that case and a link is sent by the part for a virtual appearance.


Are PCs or CCs being held virtually or in-person? 


               There are no appearances for PCs or CCs on the return date.  The PC and CC orders are generated automatically by the part with dates.  If a party has an issue with discovery or needs to request an conference, they should e-mail one of the following assigned Judges:


      – Hon. Tracy Catapano-Fox

      – Hon. Laurentina McKetney-Butler

      – Hon. Sally Unger




Are appearances in Civil being held in Person or Virtual?


               The court gives you the option to appear in person or virtually.  The links for each part is listed on the Court’s website.  We recommend appearing in person as this facilitates the submission of any documents to the court. 

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