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Supreme Queens

Supreme Queens (Updated November 2023)

Here is a summary of the various appearances in Supreme Queens, 

1. Preliminary Conference Orders will be automatically generated upon the filing of a Request for Judicial Intervention and a Request for a Preliminary Conference. Automatically generated Orders will be sent to the Queens County Clerk. The Preliminary Conference Orders will have an assigned date for a virtual Compliance Conference and information for those parties requesting Mediation.

2.  Compliance Conference Orders will be automatically generated by the assigned Compliance Conference Part.  This will come from one of the three CC Judges, (Catapano-Fox, McKetney-Butler,  and Lanzetta). The So-Ordered Compliance Conference Order will be forwarded to the County Clerk. A copy of the Order can be obtained via NYSCEF (if it is an efiled case) or from the County Clerk (if it is a non-e-filed case). No appearance is required. Where the Court directs, or if discovery is not complete or the parties require a judicial ruling on a discovery issue prior to the Certification Order date, a virtual conference with the Compliance Conference Part will be held via Microsoft Teams. The parties shall request a conference via email to the address provided in the generated Compliance Conference Order. E-mails forwarded to any email address other than the email address set forth in the Compliance Conference Order will not be processed. A So Ordered Stipulation will be generated at the conference resolving outstanding discovery and extending the Certification Order date if necessary. Parties should refer to Justice Catapano-Fox’s, Justice McKetney-Butler’s, and Justice Lanzetta’s Part rules for further guidance.

Please note that Justice Claudia Lanzetta is the only Judge holding a virtual calendar for Compliance Conferences assigned to her.  Compliance & Settlement Conferences assigned to her are scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The link is CSCP3 Virtual Appearance Link

3.  The Queens practice of filing Notes of Issue with open discovery is over. Notes of Issue will be filed after a Certification Order has been issued by one of the Compliance Conference Judges.

4.  MOTIONS.  Please check eCourts for the scheduled date and time the motion will be heard.  Please check the assigned judges part rules regarding motion practice, as these are individual to each judge, and subject to change. 

​In-Person Appearances REQUIRED on Discovery Motions for the following Judges: Justice Anna Culley [Part 27], Justice Carmen R. Velasquez [Part 38], Justice Phillip Hom [Part 14], Justice Denise N. Johnson [Part 11], Justice Mojgan C. Lancman [Part 20], Justice Leonard Livote [Part 33], and please note that discovery motions filed before Justice Phillip Hom [Part 14], Justice Denise N. Johnson [Part 11] and Justice Claudia Lanzetta [Part 27] will require an appearance at the Long Island City courthouse located at 25-10 Court Square, Long Island City, New York.

In-Person Appearances REQUIRED on ALL Motions for the following Judges:  Justice Chereé A. Buggs, [Part 30], Justice Frederick D. R. Sampson [Part 31], Justice Timothy J. Dufficy [Part 35]. 

The Part rules for the above Justices should be reviewed prior to filing a discovery-related or non-discovery related motion.


The Justices’ individual Part rules can be found by clicking on the link

Link to Supreme Queens Part Rules for each Judge

5. Trial Scheduling Part – Pre-trial conferences are called in TSP (Room 25) in person. Calendar calls are at 9:30 am and 11 am.  They are currently calling 50 cases per day.  A limited number of cases are being sent tor trial in Jamaica and Long Island City.  Cases in TSP that do not settle are being given firm trial dates. 

For any questions about practice in Queens (Supreme, Civil, Housing or Surrogate's Court), please contact our office.

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